Welcome to the home of customisable and free double entry accounting spreadsheets. We provide an integrated solution enabling you to handle small business accounts from within your spreadsheet environment.

Customised accounts spreadsheets in 3 easy steps:

  1. Add sheets to our builder using the names you want
  2. We build you a fully linked up spreadsheet
  3. Download and use in the software you know and love

Why use our spreadsheet builder?

  1. Built to your own requirements. No pre-set template downloads
  2. Hyperlinked worksheets make using them easy to navigate
  3. Works with Excel but also free programs such as Open or Libre Office
  4. Warning flag to tell you if your books don't balance
  5. No ongoing expenses

Should you wish to create a double entry spreadsheet you will need some basic knowledge of double entry accounting. Software companies will tell you spreadsheets are too complicated for this task. We don't believe so!

BETA period: all sheets free!

We are currently in a BETA phase of testing this website. What that means is that you as a user are pioneers in a new way of doing accounts. As such we are currently offering our services for FREE for the first period of operation. In signing up for an account we would really appreciate your feedback and a proper analysis of our tool prior to a full paid launch later in the year. In the tool you can choose the "Paid" option and it won't charge you!

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Spreadsheets for:

  • Free!
  • Micro Entity businesses
  • Accountancy students
  • Small business accounts
  • Self Employed people
  • Bookkeepers

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