Micro entity (company) spreadsheets:

We offer ready to download, fully linked up, double entry spreadsheets. These are simply designed with a basic layout. You add the amount, date and any reference and they will automatically feed into the trial/regular balance and P&L. All orders are processed with Paypal.

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* In buying our sheets you agree to our terms and conditions (which include you being responsible for your accounts figures) and our privacy policy (describing how we handle your data). You will need to check with HMRC (UK) or CRO (Ireland) whether your business is applicable for Micro business accounts.

For more information about accounting for Micro entities please read FRS 105 (2018).

Our sheets include:

  • One sheet per standard header from the UK/EU micro or small business formats (for example: Fixed Assets, Current Assets, Other Charges etc)
  • Fully clickable links to help you navigate around the book (you don't want to get lost with hundreds of tabs at the bottom of your workbook!)
  • Automatic notification if your books balance
  • VAT Columns to help manage your VAT figures

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Spreadsheets for:

  • Micro Entity businesses
  • Accountancy students
  • Small business accounts
  • Self Employed people
  • Bookkeepers

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