Under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) of the European Union (even with Brexit - it's still in our law books) we are obligated to tell you about what data we need from you and how we will process it.


Your data:

  1. Your username (email address) and password are stored on our database, and your password is held encrypted. We cannot read it in any way.
  2. Your IP address will be stored in our database regarding your session. Sessions are cleared from our database regularly.
  3. We store login tokens of when you accessed our system. These cannot be removed but should your account be removed become unintelligible.
  4. Your data (email and password) are the only personal data we store. You can amend your password and/or remove your account. You cannot amend your email address. Your spreadsheets are stored in session (database based) but are cleared out regularly.
  5. In the event of a hard brexit ("no deal","cliff edge") the UK becomes a third country to the EU and outside the remit of the GDPR. We do not have a representative based in the EU and so EU citizens are advised not to use our service unless they are happy to come under the UK implementation of the GDPR which we are obligated to meet anyway.
  6. Your data will be stored on a UK based cloud server
  7. In the event of a data breach we deem the risk to your data low. This is because it could not be used to commit fraud for example as we have no records on our server of your name, address etc.
  8. You can contact us through our contact page and this service is provided by Hatton Software Ltd. All contact through our web form will be stored in our databases for 1 month and then removed.
  9. If you have any concerns about your data - please contact us. Once you have done this you should contact the ICO (Our ICO details) if you do not feel we have handled your request sufficiently.
  10. All data is held as long as your account remains active. When your account is removed we remove all personally identifiable information from your database records although statistical information and your signup date will persist. We will remove your username (email) and password. As such your record will become unintelligible although due to our backups your data may persist in our backups for up to 2 weeks.
  11. If you have purchased credits and you remove your account all credits will be removed. We do not refund outstanding credits. The Paypal order ID will be removed from our platform - rendering your details unintelligible.
  12. Failed login attempts will be held indefinitely unless deemed suitable for removal. The GDPR allow for security related data storage and this will include the IP and date/time along with user who failed to login.
  13. We reserve the right to contact you (even if you have not signed up to our mailing list) about key changes to policies, business operations or anything we deem highly important. This would differ to "news" such as a new format being added but may include bug fixes or what we deem important information. To unsubscribe from this, you will need to fully remove your account.
  14. If you purchase our pre-built spreadsheets, we store your IP address. You may only download from this IP address up to 3 times within 48 hours. After that your IP is removed and your order is no longer accessible.

* By its definition our tool creates exportable data in spreadsheet format. We will not however export your user details because this would open us up to hacking (password attacking). Your worksheet data can also be saved separately to your computer and can simply be decoded using a Base 64 decoder.

You agree to and understand the points listed above prior to signing up to our service.


Paypal will manage your data and transactions with them take place through their systems.

We use Paypal as our payment provider. Your details will be held separately within their tools and databases and should you wish to purchase through our site then you are encouraged to visit the Paypal legal portal . Please select your country where you can view country specific Privacy policy details.

Should you purchase through our site then we will have access to your personal details through our Paypal admin area. All the details provided to Paypal are held within their databases and are never transferred to our tool or systems. We store a link to your account but please see above for information on how we hold/handle your data.

accountingspreadsheets will never:

  • Print out Paypal records
  • Email or transfer your details (please note we receive an email from Paypal with your details within them. accountingspreadsheets forwardd this email to a different email account but which is still managed by the same individual. This email is also deleted promptly after receipt.)
  • Seek to amend your details

Should we be informed of a data breach by Paypal then we shall advise you as a courtesy (as per section 13 in the initial section).

You agree: Paypal is responsible for your data, security and storage (if you purchase from us).


accountingspreadsheets uses Google in one of two ways. Firstly we you receive emails from us we send our emails (including automated ones) out through Google's SMTP servers. As a result the sent message is stored within our email accounts. These will be cleared out on a regular basis to remove any trails of your email address in our wider systems.

Additionally should you signup to create a Book in Google (a paid feature) we will do what is called an Oauth transaction. In this process you allow us to speak with your Google account directly and create spreadsheets for you. Although we could read or amend existing sheets we don't. In addition we do not store your Oauth tokens (the key that allows us to do this transaction). As such we have no way of re-interacting with your account and without your intervention.

You agree to and understand the points listed above prior to signing up to our service.

Mailing tool

Our newsletter is handled by Email Blaster who provide all the tools you need to manage your data.

We would love to keep in touch and to do this we use Email Blaster . All their servers are based in the UK and you may access/export your data from within their tool. They will hold your email address and you may unsubscribe from their service at any point. You may sign up to our newsletter without having an account and visa versa. You will have to verify your email so should you sign up by accident you do not have to complete the process. Should you wish to be removed from our list at any other time you can contact us directly.

accountingspreadsheets will never:

  • Store your email address independent of the Email Blaster tool
  • Sell,Share,Rent etc your details
  • Send you emails unrelated to accountingspreadsheets and the services we offer
  • Send you more than 1 email per week unless we deem it urgent

You agree: Email Blaster is responsible for your data, security and storage (if you signup to our mailing list).

What this means in english ...

Companies are under a lot tighter regulations regarding your personal data. Here at accountingspreadsheets we have purposefully built our systems to be secure so you can rest assured we're looking after your data correctly. If you also purchase from us then Paypal is responsible for your data and if you signup to our emailing list then Email Blaster is responsible for your data.

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