Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions you might have about our service. If you have further general questions please let us know!

Is your service really free?

Yes! Our spreadsheet builder allows you to generate a simple Double entry or Self employed spreadsheet. Please see our spreadsheet builder page for further details.

Do I need Microsoft Excel?

No you don't. You can use OpenOffice (or LibreOffice on Linux) or you can signup to the online Google sheets.

Do I have to tell you my accounting figures?

No you don't! You can setup the books with opening balances or you can leave them blank. Its entirely up to you.

How can I buy credits?

To buy credits you simply need to create an account (for free) and you can purchase them from within your account area.

Will you automatically balance my books?

Our double entry sheets will tell you automatically if your books balance. It is your job to make them balance but our spreadsheets layout is designed to facilitate this.

How easy are your spreadsheets to use?

If you understand spreadsheets and double entry book-keeping then they should be really simple. We would love to hear your feedback on using the spreadsheets although can't support you with any queries you might have regarding your accounts and figures.

Do you provide support?

Our support is limited to issues regarding your account with us and also using the tool. We do not provide any accountancy support and this remains your obligation throughout.

But my figures just don't balance

Please seek advice from an accountant. If your sheet starts out in balance we have designed it to flag ERROR when there is a problem. If you continue to build your sheet with the ERROR in place then unfortunately your sheets will stay out of balance.

I think I've found a problem with one of the calculations

If you think you have found a problem with how the P&L or Balance Sheets are functioning please let us know. If your trial balance isn't balancing then this needs to be resolved first. If it is, then please advise us so we can make the necessary fixes. Although we cannot rectify your spreadsheet once it is produced we will offer you a free bounty of 2 credits for your efforts!

Why not just use "free accountancy software"?

The simple answer is that it takes time to learn and are often not network friendly (i.e. multiple people can't use it at the same time). Plus spreadsheets are a much more widely supported and used format and combined with some basic accountancy knowledge become a great tool.

Can I resell the spreadsheets I generate?

No. You may offer them as part of a service (such as a book-keeping service) to clients but you can't setup a website selling the sheets directly.

How do I get a Google account?

If you don't have a Google account you should visit here:

Can I convert a free sheet to a paid one?

We currently don't offer this but are looking to in the future. If you are trialing our tool then we advise you to save your sheets and balances which can then be re-used later on.

I refreshed the page and my sheets disappeared

If you timeout from using our service you will lose your sheets. Its designed that way so we don't hold your personal data longer than we need! If you believe you are going to timeout simply save your sheets and then reload them later on.

Which heading does my sheet belong under?

You will need to decide if your sheet is an income, expense, asset, liability or equity and which heading is most appropriate.

The format I require isn't listed - please can you add it?

If there is a standard format for a balance sheet or P&L that has international recognition then please contact us with further information and we will endeavour to include it where possible.

Will your books calculate my VAT?

We allow the VAT columns to be added to your income and expense sheets. We also include an example calculation on each to either add or remove the VAT element. Please check these calculations perform in the way you expect.

What is the difference between the builder and the templates?

You can purchase pre-built templates on our site which include all the key headings from the particular format you choose. The labels used will be the generic ones specific to that format as opposed to ones that may make more sense to you. Our spreadsheet builder allows you to add the applicable and relevant sheets to your workbook and using labels that you decide.

United Kingdom FAQs

Are the Balance Sheets/P&L ready to send to Companies House?

The short answer is no, but we aim to make them as close as possible. You will need to format them, make sure signatories are correct, whether the accounts are audited, and depending on the format, what accounting standards you use. We highly recommend you visit this page on preparing company accounts as we are not able to advise you on this.

Will you add other formats (like P&L 2-4)?

We are hoping to as soon as possible. Please visit our spreadsheet builder page to see the formats we currently offer.

What about "Making Tax Digital (MTD)"?

"Making Tax Digital" is a government scheme to enable more regular reporting from your electronic accounting systems. Currently it doesn't look like Self employed people or small businesses will have to do submissions until at least 2020.

Our free self employed spreadsheet comes with a small additional download which you should store which describes your spreadsheet and we hope will link in with our MTD offering in the future.

As developer documentation is not yet available for Corporation tax MTD we do not yet provide this file for our double entry clients. If/When we provide an MTD bridging tool you will be able to create this file at the time.

To stay up to date on this, please join our mailing list.

Do you support iXBRL?

When submitting accounts to HMRC/Companies house larger organisations are required to "tag" the different numbers using iXBRL. We are currently considering a solution to this but for small and micro businesses example formats are provided by HMRC which mean you don't directly need to encode with iXBRL.

Account FAQs

What personal data do you store?
When you sign up to our tool you provide us with an email address (your username) and a password (which is encrypted). Your payment details will be stored in Paypal with a link made to your account to show it is active. Should you wish to amend your password you may, however your email address cannot be changed. You may however delete your data from our system in which case your tool access is also removed (see next question). You may sign up to our newsletter (a separate system) which allows us to communicate with you about updates etc but this is completely separate to our main database and is managed by a separate provider. For a more thorough explanation please visit our privacy policy page.
Can I remove my account?
You are free to remove your account at any time. Some data will remain in our databases however this will not identify you in anyway. Removing your account removes your email address, password and Paypal ID. This will detach your personal information from any other information we store for you (such as how many spreadsheets you create etc).
Do you offer refunds?
We currently don't offer refunds. The reason is that once you have generated the book you are free to use it in any way you like. You should also sign up and use our free generator first to check that the book operates in the way you expect.

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