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We provide a few offersings as listed below. Should you wish to create a "Paid Version" sheet, you can do this from within your account by buying credits.

FeatureFree VersionPaid VersonSelf Employed
Double Entry format
Excel Version (xlsx)
Google Sheets Version
Asset Register
Mileage Calculator
VAT columns
Trial Balance
Income Statement
P&L Account
Balance Sheet
Free£9.99 eachFree

Balance Sheet Formats

There are a number of different formats you can use for Balance Sheets and these are listed below:

Micro Entity1, 2EU & UK
Small Company Format1UK
Account FormatUS/Global
Report FormatUS/Global

Where do I pay? You purchase credits from within your account.

BETA period: all sheets free!

We are currently in a BETA phase of testing this website. What that means is that you as a user are pioneers in a new way of doing accounts. As such we are currently offering our services for FREE for the first period of operation. In signing up for an account we would really appreciate your feedback and a proper analysis of our tool prior to a full paid launch later in the year. In the tool you can choose the "Paid" option and it won't charge you!

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Spreadsheets for:

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  • Micro Entity businesses
  • Accountancy students
  • Small business accounts
  • Self Employed people
  • Bookkeepers

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