Terms & Conditions

Here are our terms and conditions which you agree to in using the accountingspreadsheets platform (12/3/19):

  • Hatton Software Ltd - trading as accountingspreadsheets (We) cannot be held liable for any error or issue in the spreadsheets supplied, including but not limited to bugs in the calculations, labelling or output formats. You (the user of the platform) are advised to download a free trial first and understand and verify that it works as you believe it should.
  • We do not supply ready to send documentation to official agencies (such as the HMRC or Companies House). There is additional preparation required and it is your responsibility to ensure your documents are prepared correctly.
  • You agree not to resell our spreadsheets as a service except where they are part of a customer arrangement such as a book keeper or accountant (i.e. you don't sell them direct)
  • You agree not to share our spreadsheets for free downloads.
  • You agree to take responsibility for your accounts and the figures contained within. We do not provide assistance with your accounts or how to use your spreadsheets.
  • Your usage of external services such as Paypal, Google (sheets) or our newsletter providers are subject to their terms and conditions and we are not held liable in the event of a data breach or security issue relating to their platform. We will however inform you where you have signed up to our newsletter.
  • You must guard access to your accountingspreadsheets account username and password. We are not able to provide refunds in the event that your account is hacked and used by someone else.
  • In the event of a successful legal claim, accountingspreadsheets is limited in liability to the cost paid by the user for using our platform and service.
  • We reserve the right to amend these terms at any time.
  • (Added 31/1/19) We reserve the right to remove users from our database after 1 month if either a) no login has occurred or b) no spreadsheets have been generated. This does not affect users who buy our pre-built templates.
  • (Added 12/3/19) We do not provide refunds when purchasing our pre-set templates. If you are unsure about our service please signup, create an account and create a free working example through our tool.

Cookie policy

We use two cookies on our site. Firstly one for Google analytics and secondly a core system "session" cookie. Google analytics helps us know which pages our visitors look at and how they come to our site. We use Gooole's anonymous features which means your IP address is never stored on their server. A session cookie is a core system cookie and relates to security and your use of the site. Without it you cannot login and access our tool.

To view our data protection / GDPR policy please click this link.

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